« Un week-end hors du temps dans un lieu magique. » Gregory & Laurence

« Un petit coin de paradis.  » Gaël

« Vive le Tertre. » Julie

« Quel plaisir d’être accueillis dans cet environnement exceptionnel, avec un confort et une cuisine qui ajoutent au plaisir de se sentir bien. » Rebecca

« Once upon a time there were fairies at a place called Le Tertre. They like to dance at night – and they disappear at dawn. But one night, the youngest fairy dances and dances and the sun rises. She was alone among the grass with water pearls at their tips. » MF

« Les pieds avec Rase Motte et la tête dans les étoiles. » Michel

« Heartfelt thanks to the sweet hostess of this blessed place. » Josette

« Je me sens comme à la maison. » Sophie

« I came with Gua64 and perhaps Master Chan & I became Gua 1 to Anne’s Gua 2. Together we created Gua 3. Le Tertre then began to develop its own character encompassing Gua 4 which it retained, and certainly Gua 5 & 6 provided some difficulties but slowly, Gua 7&8 had their effect and now Le Tertre has provided Guas 14, 15, 16, 22, 27 and many more, creating Gua 37, although not everyone has met. But a family has been created with much hard work, as ever, in peace and love to all mankind. Thank you Anne for persevering and bringing so much peaceful understanding to so many. Thank you for creating a special, very special home and thank you for all the hospitality you have returned to us all … I feel cleansed and rejuvenated just by being here. » Tony, Feng’shui consultant for Le Tertre. Gua is the name for linear diagrams of the Yi Jing which are used in Feng’shui calculations.